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Toi Toi was first a dream of my perfect boat, long before the reality. Prior to the actualization were many years of wishing, searching, fun purchases but not quites. Then finally the purchase of an incomplete project, redesigning and the building.

Aaron had two Ron Given hulls designed for a sailing catamaran in need of completion, and I had a vision of an easily propelled cat with economical motors (no mast) 

Ron Given, Aaron and I got our heads together to see if my ideas were possible and then essentially redesign the cabin and do some slight amendments to the hulls. Not a simple task, but Aaron's design flare and ability to problem solve really pulled the project together. Ron Givens cats have always had style and balance, so to make any changes and keep the integrity of the design in tact, we needed someone with the skills and flair. 

Long story short, the end result is exactly what I wanted, This boat achieves everything I expected, or rather was hoping for. Easy driven hulls, with only two 75hp diesel motors on sail drive legs was some what experimental. It is simple and efficient. We can cruise at 13.5knts at 2500 revs using just over 1.5ltrs a nautical mile, combine this with 360watts of solar and we can go away and be self sufficient for weeks. Ron Given commented it was the boat of the future.

With this boat I get better than excepted economy, all the power I need, a beautiful riding boat though the water. I love her lines, the simple light construction, craftsmanship, and as a family we all love Toi Toi. The building of Toi Toi was a fantastic project which we enjoyed immensely. We continue to enjoy her every time we take her out. If I ever decide to build another boat I would not hesitate to go back to Lifestyle Yachts or recommend them to anyone wanting to build a new boat. Aaron and his team are good at what they do. Their work ethic is impressive. Aaron’s experience and can do attitude made the job run seamlessly.

We wish them well in all their future projects, and we enjoy calling in from time to time to see what else has leaped off the drawing board!  

Rob and Vicki Murray

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