Do you have time to look after your pride and joy properly?
Do you get lost with all the maintenance and service work needed on your boat?
Do you know who to talk to get work done on your vessel?
Can you not get to your boat on a regular basis to ensure everything is ok?
Do you want to just go out and enjoy your boat?

If you answered No to any of these questions, then You need to contact BoatSmart HQ. Advanced Vessel Management

BoatSmart HQ will supply you with a personal “First Mate” for your boat. Your “First Mate” will look after your boat with monthly inspections, organise maintenance schedules, organise contractors and safety gear. Your "First Mate" is available to answer any questions you may have about your boat.

BoatSmart HQ`s Coromandel “First Mate” is Aaron Beattie. Who looks after all the Coromandel Marinas and waterways. With over 32 years of boat building experience and 20 years owning his own boat building yard Aaron is the perfect “First Mate” for you and your pride and joy.

Your “First Mate” will do a FREE on-board inspection with you going over your boat top to bottom. A 50-point check list with all information uploaded onto BoatSmart HQ`s unique APP based management system. Your “Ships Log” can be accessed at any time on your phone or favoured internet device keeping you up to date. Every inspection, maintenance Job or work undertaken is uploaded to your “Ships Log” with receipts and dates. This stays with your boat for future reference and increases the resale of your vessel.

BoatSmart HQ gives you peace of mind that your boat is safe and ready to go for you and your family.

Contact Aaron today to see what Boat Smart can do for you.
Franchise Owner Coromandel Marinas and Waterways

M:027 2327962

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